Use of Nutriforte® Vivace yields 3 cents extra per broiler

Young chicks are under great pressure to perform. These animals can use extra support during the production phase. Nutriforte Vivace is suitable for long-term use, to supplement building materials and to stimulate the natural immune system. Nutriforte Vivace supports the animal by providing easily accessible minerals, amino acids, vitamins and organic acids. This enables the animals to cope better with suboptimal conditions when the need for nutrients is higher. Nutriforte Vivace also has a positive effect on growth, feed conversion and lowers the animal’s weight.

Trial design

During a field trial on a broiler farm in the Netherlands with slow growing chicks, trials were conducted with Nutriforte Vivace during 5 rounds. During the different trials, some houses did not use Nutriforte Vivace and some houses did. Barn 1 has had Nutriforte Vivace during all rounds. The results summarise the average of the 5 trials. The trial period was from December 2019 to November 2020.


nutriforte vivace, kip, pluimvee, kanters
Table 1 Average feed conversion
nutriforte vivace, kip, pluimvee, kanters
Table 2. Average kg chicken delivered Table 3. Average number of days to slaughter
nutriforte vivace, kip, pluimvee, kanters
Table 4. Euros per kilo of chicken supplied


The most important conclusion is that the feed conversions of the houses where Nutriforte Vivace was used are lower than the houses where Nutriforte Vivace was not used. The difference is biggest in house 4 and 5. The difference in feed conversion between stables 4 and 5 is 0.05. This is also visible in the financial overview.

The number of kilograms of chicken delivered also differs per house. An additional advantage of Nutriforte Vivace is that test houses 2, 4 and 5 delivered more kg of chicken than the control houses. Only house 3 is an exception here.

Table 4 clearly shows that the animals that had Nutriforte Vivace delivered a higher profit per kilo chicken delivered than the animals that had not had Nutriforte Vivace. Important is of course the profit per kilo chicken delivered, this extra profit amounts to 3 cents per broiler.


The various ingredients in Nutriforte Vivace have a positive effect on the growth and feed conversion of the chicks. The organic acids in Nutriforte Vivace ensure that the nutrients from the feed are better absorbed by the intestines. The organic acids create a lower pH value in the stomach which stimulates digestion. The proteins from the feed are thus broken down into smaller pieces of amino acids by the pepsin in the stomach, after which they are absorbed by the body in the intestines. These amino acids are absorbed in the intestines and are the building blocks of the body. The amino acids from Nutriforte Vivace ensure a better growth.

Because Nutriforte Vivace is used around the Gumboro vaccination, it supports the chicken during a critical period. The Gumboro vaccination ensures that weakened germs enter the animal so that it can build up resistance to this disease. This period ensures that the animal must put energy into building up its resistance. The minerals in Nutriforte Vivace ensure that no problems are caused during this period. The copper chelates ensure that the bacteria in the intestines are challenged and zinc stimulates intestinal health. Both minerals are indispensable in this period.

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