Get your chickens in balance

Prevention is better than cure. With drinking water additives you can support your chickens during critical moments, such as when they are starting up, around feed changes and during vaccinations. Kanters has developed organic acid and mineral mixtures for this purpose. A good alternative to antibiotics as organic acids support the chicken’s resistance. Discover how it works!

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Good digestion is important for healthy chickens

Chickens are under great pressure to perform. Broilers, layers, parent birds but also turkeys and ducks are top athletes. For them, the digestion of the feed is important to get all the nutrients out of the feed that they need to grow or lay eggs. If this is not done properly, resistance decreases and the animals get diarrhea. This leads to high failure rates. How can this be prevented? Kanters helps.

How to recognise it

How do you recognise digestive problems in the barn?

If you walk around in the poultry house, you can easily recognise digestive problems. Wet spots in the litter, diarrhea, limping hens, fewer eggs or eggs with a soft shell… All problems that can be caused by diseases such as salmonella, coccidiosis, enterococci and Marek’s disease. You can reduce this disease pressure by keeping the digestion optimal. That is how you stimulate the resistance. And how do you keep digestion optimal? By using organic acids.

Cause & effect

Increased sickness pressure leads to higher failure rates

High density levels lead to high sickness levels. This has an impact on health. The animal’s natural barrier, the stomach, protects the animal because the acidic environment kills bacteria. As soon as the stomach is not acidic enough, bacteria penetrate to the intestines, cause inflammation and penetrate to the bloodstream.

These bacteria in the bloodstream cause weak animals, diarrhea, weak eggs and eventually mortality. Because the bacteria spread through the faeces, the other chickens in the house also become ill. This can quickly lead to high mortality rates or rejection at the slaughterhouse. Of course, you would like to prevent this. And you can, with the Kanters solutions!


Ultimate Acid provides balance in the animal

Organic acids ensure a good level of acidity in the stomach and therefore good digestion. At Kanters you will find drinking water supplements with organic acids supplemented with minerals. Our buffered and unbuffered organic acid mixes ensure a good level of acidity in the stomach. This increases the resistance, so chickens do not get sick. This is therefore also an important solution for antibiotic reduction.

kippen, pluimvee, water, Kanters


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Tailor-made solutions for you as a poultry farmer

We are happy to visit you to determine which organic acid mixture is the solution for your animals. Kanters has a suitable solution for every animal species, age and housing environment. More information or make an appointment?
Product solutions for your challenges

The solution for a good balance

Kanters has developed products for every animal species and stable environment to promote the health of your animals. Click below for more information on the products and download our research reports for more background information on their use and efficacy.