Hoof care for cows: support the health of your animals

Claw problems are common on every farm and reduce milk yields because cows do not walk properly to the feed fence or stand up poorly. Kanters has come up with a solution for both problems that is free of antibiotics, formalin and copper sulphate.

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Lameness costs a lot of money

Lameness of your cows causes great damage. This damage can be divided into direct economic damage (costs for treatment and for not delivering milk by sick or treated cows) and indirect damage (lower milk production, reduced fertility and early culling). This damage may vary from 100 to 300 euros or more per lame cow. So, improving claw health can earn you a lot of money. Claw care of cows also contributes to animal welfare and to the ease of work on the farm.

How to recognise it

How to recognise hoof problems?

Lameness is the best known symptom of claw problems. Often lameness is caused by less easy movement. Cows with bad claws lie down more, often let themselves be pushed aside at the feed fence or the drinking trough, use more maintenance feed and show less obvious symptoms of heat. Other indications are a sliding walk, an alternating load on the legs and a deviant position of the claws. Sometimes, however, claw disorders are only revealed during trimming.

Cause & effect

Infectious and non-infectious diseases

Diseases of the claw can be divided into infectious and non-infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are basically always problems with the skin. Reduced resistance, the ration and an increased infection pressure play a role in this. In the case of non-infectious hoof disorders, factors such as the ration, the load, housing and quality of the hooves play a role.

Lameness in cows has a negative effect on feed intake, milk yield, fertility, longevity and cow welfare. It causes a lot of extra work and frustration. Only a consistent and structured approach will help you get a grip on the claws of your cows. So a good inspection round is very important.


Preventive hoof care for cows prevents problems

Preventive treatment of your cows prevents claw problems. Hoof baths ensure that the claws remain healthy.

Kanters has developed the Exolium prevention protocol. A step-by-step plan that takes care of your cows’ hooves all year round. This step-by-step plan comprises three different products that you use at different times. By following this plan you can easily save 300 euros per cow.

Kanters, hoofgel, koeien, klauwproblemen, exolium


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Tailor-made solutions for you as a cattle farmer

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The solution for claw care cows

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