Duo-dosing module

Optimus® is the ideal solution for automatic administration of liquid nutritional supplements and detergents to drinking water in (intensive) livestock farming. Optimus® offers the ability to switch quickly when animals end up in a stress situation or when animal health is in question.

Optimus Duo-dosing module drinking water dosing pump

Simultaneous dosing of 2 different products

With the Optimus Duo-dosing module, it is possible to add 2 different liquids simultaneously without preparing a stock solution. Both liquids are dosed directly from a can, drum or IBC. This prevents errors when preparing the stock solution and saves time. Ease of work is significantly improved this way.

Perfect mixing and insight into pollution

Conditions in the barn such as high temperature, combined with the addition of feed supplements can cause contamination in the drinking water line. We equip the Duo-dosing module with an Optimixx as standard. This mixes the liquid perfectly into the drinking water and also gives a quick indication of any contamination. This makes it possible to act quickly with a cleaning product to prevent clogged drinking nipples!

Constant dosing

Due to higher water intake by animals in the barn, after a feeding session, for example, or due to design faults in the drinking water system, the line pressure can vary significantly. A regular dosing module will therefore deviate significantly in its dosing. By using a pressure holding valve, the Optimus® gives a constant release of liquid, regardless of the working pressure.

Easy-to-use all-rounder

Besides being extremely reliable and universal, Optimus® is very easy to use. Our exclusive software, developed specifically for intensive livestock farming, allows easy switching between different dosages. Ideal when using different types of products that require a different dosing range. A water meter output signal is also available, making the purchase of an additional water meter to record the animals’ drinking water intake unnecessary. There is also the possibility of connecting a level indicator and starting the pump externally.

Reliable even with very low water absorption

A common problem with low water intake in the barn, for example with young animals, is that regular dosing equipment does not dose or doses incorrectly. A major concern is the accuracy of the water meter. The Optimus® is therefore equipped with a volumetric water meter that already starts at a water intake of 1 litre per hour.

Quick start and automatic venting

The Optimus® features both automatic and manual venting. The manual venting, in combination with the prime function, makes it very easy to start using a new supply of drinking water additives. The automatic venting ensures that even gaseous products such as Aqua-clean® are dosed without any problems.

Ready for the future

Because Optimus® is constructed only of durable materials, it is suitable for long-term use of a wide variety of liquids in the desired dosage. The Optimus® is pre-assembled on a stainless steel mounting bracket without open plug connections, making it suitable for the most extreme conditions.

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