Antibiotic-free thanks to the power of water

The common denominator between animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic use is animal health. Animal health is strongly determined by the hygiene of drinking water. That is why hygienically clean drinking water is essential. And the best part is: you can also very easily use water to support animal health with liquid animal supplements.

Benefits of animal supplements via drinking water

Adding supplements via the drinking water provides many advantages.

Sick animals keep drinking

Illness often results in a reduced feed intake, while the water intake remains high. This makes it easier to support sick animals via the drinking water.

Intervene quickly and adequately

Adding liquid feed supplements to the drinking water allows you to intervene quickly and adequately. Nutrition via drinking water is easily absorbed and quickly available.

Determine the period of use yourself

You determine the period of use. With one simple action, you can stop or continue using the product.

Dose stables and sections separately

You can support animals in each house or compartment separately. When you add additives to the feed, separate dosing is not possible.

Supplement the ration

By adding minerals and vitamins to the drinking water, it is easy to complement the ration. Animals get the nutrients they need at the right time.

Use both preventively and acutely

Liquid complementary feeding stuffs can be used both preventively and in situations where immediate action is required.

We do what we say

In order to successfully introduce our innovative animal supplements to our customers, we conduct extensive research into the efficacy of our products. We work closely with driven and passionate livestock farmers to test our products extensively before use.

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"Thanks to Aqua-clean from Kanters I can give my animals hygienically clean water. This increases the water intake which improves animal health".
Klaas Timmer
Broiler farmer, the Netherlands

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