Respiratory support for chickens

During periods of heat, stress or vaccination reactions, chickens need respiratory support. You can give your birds that support by using products containing essential oils such as eucalyptus and menthol. This frees up the trachea of mucus and makes breathing easier. See for yourself how it works!


Respiratory problems can be a huge issue for chickens

Shortness of breath is not pleasant. Both humans and animals experience tightness on hot days when the humidity is high. Due to the high density in stables, animals do not always have the opportunity to find a cooler place. In addition, a cold can also cause a chicken to have respiratory problems. This is annoying and causes chickens to eat less and therefore not grow or lay eggs. We often see this after a vaccination. What can you do about it? Kanters explains.

How to recognise it

How do you know that a chicken needs support?

When you walk around the house, you can easily recognise respiration problems in your birds. The chickens seek the coolness by sitting against the cold wall and they keep their beaks open to get rid of heat by breathing or to get more oxygen. In case of a vaccination reaction, mucus can be seen at the nostrils above the beak. This makes the animals panting and makes them lose their appetite. You want to prevent that.

Cause & effect

Chickens suffering from respiratory distress
lead to mortality

In the afternoon, the humidity in the house can rise. In combination with the high temperatures in the afternoon, the tightness in chickens increases.
It is important to ventilate more to get the heat out of the house, but this also increases the humidity. A difficult situation for every farmer. Fortunately, Kanters has a solution for you.


Aeroforte gives relief from respiratory problems

Essential oils are the solution to respiratory problems. They ensure freer breathing.

At Kanters you can find drinking water supplements with essential oils. Aeroforte can be administered via the drinking water, so that the animals are quickly relieved of their shortness of oxygen. Aeroforte can also be sprayed in the stable. The fine drops are inhaled deeply and thus provide respiratory relief.


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"Aeroforte geeft mijn kippen net dat beetje extra ondersteuning, zodat ze makkelijk door de hete dagen komen. Dankzij de Optimus
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Healthy animals provide job satisfaction and profitability

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The solution for free breathing

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