Boost your cows' performance with Nutriforte

During the initial phase of the milking cycle, a lot is asked of a dairy cow. Besides producing milk, the cow is also preparing for the next gestation period. Because a cow can use a little extra during these and other demanding periods, Kanters has developed a range of products. You can find them here.

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Feed intake is a challenge during the transition period

Where many products are used to correct energy, our philosophy is based on increasing dry matter intake during the transition period. Because ultimately, cows will not produce better by a few MJ per day extra, but by a higher feed intake. As a result, the energy supply from roughage will be better balanced, making them produce more easily, achieve higher levels and become more fertile.

How to recognise it

How to recognize feed intake problems in the barn?

Performance of your herd is directly related to the dry period and the start-up phase. Problems lead to a lower roughage intake. This means they cannot meet their energy and protein requirements. To make up for this energy deficit, these animals start burning body reserves, which sinks them into a negative energy balance. This leads to inadequate performance of your livestock, resulting in deteriorating health and technical results.

Cause & effect

A cow consumes a lot of energy during the transition period

During the transition period, a cow consumes more energy than it takes in. Calving and the start of lactation consume a lot of energy. Two thirds of the cows have trouble consuming enough feed. If they do not consume enough, cows enter a negative energy spiral.

This results in poor milk yields, low fertility and an increased risk of other diseases. The consequences for milk production can be considerable. You will feel it in your wallet. A good feed intake is therefore essential to stay ahead of these problems.


Nutriforte gives cows energy during the transition period

During the transition period, cows need extra minerals, trace elements, vitamins and energy. That is why Kanters offers Nutriforte: supplements with vitamins, energy, trace elements and extra minerals supplemented with organic acids. This complete mix ensures that cows receive extra energy through their feed so that they have enough energy during the transition period. This is also the solution for antibiotic reduction.

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