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Animals drink at least twice as much as they eat. If an animal is sick or stressed, it will take in less feed, but will continue to drink. This makes water the perfect medium to support animal health. At Kanters you will find practical solutions that are not only good for the animals but also contribute to your pleasure and ease of work.


Stress and disease reduce feed intake

During stressful situations, illness or after a course of antibiotics, chickens eat less. They are not hungry and have become lethargic. If the chickens eat less, they do not grow, they do not lay eggs and they become sick(er). At times like this, they can use a little extra. Fortunately, the animals continue to drink during these periods. That is precisely why water is perfect for adding extra nutrients.

How to recognise it

Sick animals are slow animals

When you walk around in the barn, it is easy to find out if there are any problems. Chickens stay in their place when you walk past or the eggs of laying hens are not clean and have a soft shell. All problems are caused by a negative energy balance, because the animals eat less. Through illness, stress or medication, they are simply not hungry, but this makes the problems worse. It is very important to do something about this in time.

Cause & effect

A sick chicken needs extra energy

When a person or animal does not feel well, their appetite disappears too. No appetite or no desire to move to the fridge or the feeding line. If you eat and drink less, you get less and less energy. This sends you into a negative energy spiral that you can’t easily get out of.

During illness, a chicken stays where it is. As a result, it does not get any energy and does not get better. Yet we want the animal to eat and drink to get past this point, so that she will feel better again, start growing again and lay eggs. How do you get that done? With the Kanters solutions!


Pro-Mac gives the chicken energy during stressful periods

Sick animals stop eating, but continue to drink. That is why Kanters has developed Pro-Mac; a drinking water supplement with vitamins, energy, trace elements and extra minerals, supplemented with organic acids. This complete mix ensures that chickens receive extra energy via the drinking water so that they can function optimally during the growing and laying periods. It is also easy to administer via the drinking water.

Pluimvee - Prestatie - Bij Oplossing-min


"It’s good to use Pro Mac during the rearing period of the layers. Before, during and after the catching of the animal for vaccination, it increases the effect of the vaccines and it gives the correct nutrition to the animals."
Sicily, Italy
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