Drinking water hygiene, the key to success

Clean drinking water is very important for cows. Cleaning the drinking water lines is essential for good hygiene in cowsheds. To get this right you can find products at Kanters that make it easy to start every round with a clean system. After all, water tastes best out of a clean glass.

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Clean drinking water in a barn environment

The quality and availability of drinking water are very important in every cow barn. Cows drink much more than they eat in order to produce enough milk. But providing healthy, clean drinking water to your cows is easier said than done. The high temperatures in the barn and open drinking troughs, for example, can easily lead to polluted drinking water. How can this be prevented? Kanters explains.

How to recognise it

Contaminated drinking water is easy to recognise

It is easy to check whether water is clean. Take a glass of water and fill it with water from the stable. Would you drink this water? Would you dare to give it to your children? If the answer is ‘No’, you know enough. It is time to clean the drinking water system. A quicker check is possible with our Optimixx. Slime in the waterlines is a sign that the drinking water pipes are dirty.

Cause & effect

Contaminated drinking water leads to lower water intake

High barn temperatures in summer are an ideal environment for contaminated drinking water. This contamination consists of biofilm. This is a slimy layer that attracts bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Lime, present in hard water, is also a pollutant that can cause blocked pipes.

These bacteria, yeasts and moulds in the biofilm are harmful to cows and cause them to become ill and produce less milk. Blocked pipes can also cause drinking troughs to be underfilled. This causes problems for the cows, which in turn can lead to less milk.


Aqua-clean, the solution for clean drinking water lines

Regular cleaning is the solution for clean drinking water. For proper cleaning you can find Kanters Aqua-clean. This is a drinking water cleaner that removes biofilm from the pipes and makes the drinking water system completely clean again. As soon as cows get thirsty, they have immediate access to the most important nutrient: clean drinking water.

Do you have problems with calcium deposits in the pipes? Then use Cal-clean. This is a drinking water cleaner that removes limescale from the water pipes.

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"Dankzij Aqua-clean van Kanters geef ik mijn dieren Hygiënisch schoon water. Hierdoor stijgt de wateropnamen wat de diergezondheid bevordert”
Klaas Timmer
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Tailor-made solutions for you as a cattle farmer

We will be happy to visit you to determine what type of contamination is in the system and which of Kanters' products you can use to solve this problem. Would you like more information or make an appointment?
Product solutions for your challenges

Products for clean drinking water

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