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Easily manage intestinal health, growth and lower feed conversion, less mortality and less or no antibiotic use with Kanters’ drinking water solutions.



Work towards preventing antibiotic use and improving your technical and economical results with Kanters’ drinking water solutions.



Achieve optimum yield and improve milk production from your cows with Kanters’ drinking water solutions.


Our focus is on clean drinking water. To achieve this, we offer practical and sustainable solutions that contribute to pleasure and ease of work.

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At Kanters we focus on water hygiene, water management and liquid feed supplements (also known as animal supplements). Water is the perfect medium to support animal health, as animals continue to drink at least twice as much as they eat when faced with challenging conditions.

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The International FAO Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring system

At Kanters, we support animal health and look for alternatives for antimicrobials. The misuse and …

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Optimus Duo-dosing module drinking water dosing pump
Greater work convenicence with the Optimus Duo-dosing module

Do you already dose liquid supplements into your livestock’s drinking water, but does lugging around …

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Broiler chickens drinking water
Kanters products among the best water disinfectants and acidifiers

Antibiotic reduction is still an important topic in livestock farming. Since the ban on antibiotic …

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