Drinking water cows

Are your cows feeling less well? If so, their feed intake will drop, but they will continue to drink. Nutrients via the cows’ drinking water are easily absorbed and quickly available at the right moment. Thanks to this flexibility, it is possible to prevent antibiotic use and improve your technical and economic results. Curious how Kanters can help you?

A total solution for cow drinking water

With our drinking water solutions you can easily manage intestinal health, growth, lower feed conversion, less mortality and less or no antibiotic use. Click on the symbols below for more information.

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Gut health

What are you looking for?

We are happy to help you with customised advice. On the basis of a farm analysis, we guide you in the use of our products. Careful, involved and result-oriented. Together towards a healthy result.
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Hoof health

Healthy claws are the basis for good milk production. But how can you ensure this without antibiotics, formaldehyde and copper sulphate?

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Reduce heating of feed

When temperatures rise, heating quickly occurs in the cows’ feed. This results in a lower feed value. How to prevent this?

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Antibiotic reduction

Since 2009 there has been a shift in the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry worldwide. Want to know how Kanters can help you?

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Increase fertility

Good fertility is one of the conditions for a profitable dairy farm. Want to know what Kanters can do for you?

Product solutions for your challenges

Our most popular solutions for ruminants

Whether it is about water hygiene, organic acids, feed supplements or feed preservation, we are happy to be of service. You can order our products easily by filling in the order form or by contacting us directly. We are also happy to help if you have any questions, need advice or more information.


“Het voordeel van mineralen via het water is dat een koe die meer melk geeft meer behoefte heeft aan mineralen en meer water opneemt, dus ook meer mineralen binnen krijgt”.
Persoon 1,
Melkveehouder, Limburg

Tailor-made solutions for you as a ruminants farmer

In our product catalogue you will find the best solutions Kanters has for the different challenges you are facing

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This is why ruminants farmers choose Kanters

For more than 30 years our products have been proving themselves in more than 70 countries. Developed in practice and extensively tested by, among others, veterinarians, nutritionists and ruminants farmers.


Excellent personal support and tailor-made advice.


Realising objectives together and going for the maximum return.


Continuous development of new solutions for efficiency, animal health and ease of work.

Scientifically validated

Extensive research proves the effectiveness of our products.