Drinking water hygiene: the key to success

Clean drinking water is important for humans and especially for animals. Cleaning the drinking water system is essential for good hygiene in the poultry house. At Kanters you will find products that make it easy to start every cycle with clean drinking lines. After all, water tastes best out of a clean glass.

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How do you get clean drinking water in a farm environment?

The quality and availability of drinking water are very important in every poultry house. Animals drink twice as much as they eat. More and more farmers understand the importance of clean drinking water, but encounter practical problems. High temperatures in the barn and a low flow rate, for instance, quickly lead to polluted drinking water. How do you prevent problems in the barn? Kanters explains.

How to recognise it

Contaminated drinking water is easy to recognise

It is quite easy to check whether water is clean. Take a glass and fill it with water from the stable. Would you drink this water? Would you dare to give it to your children? If the answer is ‘No’, you know enough. It is time to clean the drinking water lines. Want to check the drinking water even faster and more efficiently? That is possible with our Optimixx. Clogged drinking nipples are a sign that the drinking water system is dirty.

Cause & effect

Contaminated drinking water leads to higher mortality rates

High temperatures in the poultry house at the beginning of the rotation and a low flow rate are an ideal environment for contaminated drinking water. This contamination consists of biofilm. This is a slimy layer that attracts bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Lime, present in hard water, is also a pollutant that causes clogged nipples.

The bacteria, yeasts and moulds in the biofilm are harmful for chickens and cause sick animals and a high drop-out rate. Clogged nipples can also cause wet litter. This causes leg problems for chickens, which in turn can lead to rejection at the slaughterhouse. This costs the farmer money. Fortunately, there is a solution!


Aqua-clean and Cal-clean: the solutions for clean water lines

Aqua-clean is a drinking water cleaner that removes biofilm from the waterlines and makes the drinking lines completely clean again. As soon as the young chickens enter the house, they have immediate access to clean water.

Do you have problems with calcium deposits in the system? Then use Cal-clean. A cleaner that removes limescale from the drinking system.


"Aqua-clean is the best biofilm remover along with all-in-one disinfection. The results are clearly visible from the first use."
Aphatsara, SCG
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Tailor-made solutions for you as a poultry farmer

We are happy to come and visit you to determine what kind of contamination is in your drinking system and which Kanters products you can use to solve this problem. Want more information or want to make an appointment?
Product solutions for your challenges

Products for clean drinking water

At Kanters you will find products to improve the health of your animals for every animal species and housing environment. Click below for more information on the products and download our research reports for more background information on their use and effect.