Vetremedica from the Philipines: “Kanters is a partner with a lot of technical expertise”

Since 2012, Vetremedica Corporation from the Philippines, has been a satisfied distributor of Kanters. Kanters Export Manager Tum Versleijen is in regular contact with director Cary Calimlim, president of Vetremedica Corporation. During one of the meetings, Tum talks to Cary about the cooperation between the two partners.

Kanters is a partner with a lot of technical expertise and they support very well. We mainly offer 6 products of Kanters, namely: Aqua-clean®, Cal-clean, Aeroforte®, Nutriforte® Vivace, Pro-Mac® and Ultimate Acid. These are high quality liquid solution that perform as claimed by Kanters. The use of these liquid solutions lead to better performance on the farm, are easy to use and support animal health and therefore a higher return on investment. A happy farmer, that’s what we want”, said Cary Calimlim.

In the next years, Vetremedica Corporation wants to expand the brand awareness of Aqua-clean®, Cal-clean, Aeroforte®, Nutriforte® Vivace, Pro-Mac® and Ultimate Acid and introduce them to big integrators and large farms in the Philippines. They also want to expand their product portfolio with Intesti-Forte and Intesti-Flora®brand .

Vetremedica wants to lead the way when it comes to antibiotic reduction. Together with their partners Vetremedica visits and trains the farmers to teach them how to reduce antibiotics.. Marc Polancos (Head of Product Development ) is working closely together with Philippine’s largest integration San Miguel, together they follow an intensive training program to reduce the use of anitbiotics and produce healthy animals. Kanters solutions will play a major role in this.

Exportmanager Tum Versleijen is excited: “This is a great opportunity for us. We aim for healthy animals, a high return of investment and happy customers in the Philippines together with Vetremedica Corporation”.

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