Nutripreserve inhibits heating

When the daytime temperature rises above 20˚C, consideration must be given to measures to ensure that cows continue to feed. The feed may become warmer because micro-organisms – stimulated by the favourable ambient temperature – multiply explosively. The feed intake then decreases. It is then time to use a heat-reducing agent.
When water is added to the ration, it is certainly advisable to use a heating inhibitor when the temperature exceeds 20˚C.

The water that is added to the ration can be used as a source of heat loss. The water that is added is immediately and fully available for the micro-organisms, which results in heating.

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Nutripreserve has been specially developed to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms -growth-, keeping the feed cold even when fed once a day.

There are several ways to administer the feed. One of the simplest is to use our patented Optimus dosing module. This can easily be fitted to the feed mixer so that, at the push of a button, the Nutripreserve Basic is distributed evenly through the feed.

Nutripreserve Basic can also be dosed in a fixed position. By driving the feed mixer under the dosing point, the work is done at the push of a button. The advantage of this is that the solution can be dosed directly from a drum or IBC.

Nutripreserve Basic contains molasses as well as acids. This gives the ration more stickiness, resulting in less selection at the feed fence. Less selection results in a more stable rumen pH because pH fluctuations are prevented. Less selection combined with a ration that does not become warm, results in a good feed intake, also during warm periods.

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