Greater work convenicence with the Optimus Duo-dosing module

Do you already dose liquid supplements into your livestock’s drinking water, but does lugging around cans and setting dosages take up a lot of time? Or do you not start dosing liquid supplements because it seems like such a hassle? That’s a thing of the past with our new Optimus Duo-dosing module.

Switch automatically between two different products

The Optimus Duo-dosing module allows two different liquids to be added to drinking water directly from a can, drum or IBC. A weekly timer makes it easy to switch between the two products. This makes the system extremely suitable not only for switching between a liquid supplement and a cleaning programme, but also for using two products without having to pre-mix. This prevents dosing errors and saves time, thus significantly improving ease of work!

The Optimus Duo-dosing module comes with an Optimixx as standard. This mixes the liquids perfectly through the drinking water and provides instant insight into the degree of contamination in the drinking water.

Cleaning agents and organic acids

The Duo-dosing system is ideally suited if you apply both acids and a detergent. Prolonged dosing of acid mixtures sometimes causes problems with yeast and mould formation. Simultaneously applying a cleaning agent such as chlorine often prevents these problems from occurring. This can be done either continuously or, for example, once a week – using a weekly timer to make it extra easy.

Dosages of acids and detergents are often far apart, and if only one dosing pump is present, it will have to be reset each time. The Optimus Duo-dosing module can largely automate this process, avoiding errors and wasted time.

Kanters pH Support and Intesti-Forte

Another example where using the Optimus Duo-dosing module comes in handy is our highly successful weaning protocol. This involves simultaneously dosing Intesti-Forte and Kanters pH Support to support the intestinal health of weaned piglets. Many pig farmers apply this by (manually) preparing a pre-mix. With the Duo dosing module, this is a thing of the past and you can spend your time on useful activities, while the Optimus pumps faithfully and accurately dose the liquids!

Want to know more about the Optimus Duo-dosing module? Take a look at our Technics page!

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