Kanters products ensure a good start

By using chickpaper you influence the chicks’ behavior, giving them quicker access to water and feed. This makes it easier for them to start up, resulting in healthy and well performing broilers. In addition, hygiene is very important, our Multifoam Alkaline ensures a clean house and a good start of the production cycle.

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Water and feed are important for a good start

The start of day-old chicks has a major influence on their health, growth and further development during production. During the first few days, their immune system is not yet functioning optimally, the chicks are dependent on the ambient heat to maintain their own body temperature and the intestinal mucous membrane and intestinal flora are still under construction.

Water is the first necessity of life for day-old chicks when they arrive in the stable. Therefore, the earlier water (and feed) is found, the easier the start of the chicks.


Chickpaper leads chicks to feed and water

Paper with high rustling properties is placed under each drinking line. As soon as day-old chicks walk on the paper, it produces a rustling sound, which attracts the other chicks. This leads all the day-old chicks to the water and they start drinking within 4 hours of arrival. By placing feed on the paper, not only is the water found, but the broilers also have easy access to the feed.

Customised solutions for you as a poultry farmer

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Product solutions for your challenges

Chickpaper, the solution for a good start

  • Leads day-old chicks to drinking water and feed within 4 hours
  • At least 10 grams extra weight gain after 7 days
  • Less chance of yolk sack infection
  • 100% biodegradable
Product solutions for your challenges

Multifoam Alkaline, an alkaline foam cleaner for clean stables

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