Preservation of feed also important for dry feed

Exactly what feed chickens receive is very important for their health. By using organic acids you prevent premature fermentation of nutrients and the feed will retain its nutritional value. In addition, the tastiness of the ration remains the same, the ration remains fresh by preventing scalding and the development of micro-organisms in the feed is inhibited.


Salmonella enters via dry feed

Salmonella infections, particularly Salmonella enteritidis, can cause serious illness and even death in very young chicks. Older animals usually remain carriers after infection. Because infectious meat and eggs can also cause problems in humans, it is very important to control salmonella in chickens. The Salmonella bacteria can enter the poultry house in many ways, for instance through dry feed. Fortunately, you can prevent this by acidifying the feed

How to recognise it

Contaminated drinking nipples are an issue for animal health

It is difficult to find out if the Salmonella contamination has entered via the feed. You can send feed samples to a laboratory for testing. The symptoms of the disease in the house are mainly visible during the first 10 days. The mortality rate is high because chickens develop inflammations of the joints and organs. After the first 10 days, chickens are mainly carriers of the bacteria without visible symptoms.

Cause & effect

Rapid spread and unpleasant consequences

Salmonella spreads easily through the house. Once a chicken is infected, the bacteria can spread further via the manure. Pests and feed are also often a source of contamination. A Salmonella infection in laying hens can quickly lead to the culling of the birds. The eggs are destroyed and this is a major expense.

Salmonella contamination in broilers can also lead to high costs. Meat with a salmonella infection causes a reduction in the payment. All very unpleasant consequences that you would like to avoid. Fortunately, Kanters has a solution.


Acidifying dry feed kills Salmonella bacteria

The acidification of dry feed for chicks reduces the Salmonella contamination in a farm. Acidification can be done with a spray in the feed auger during feeding.

At Kanters you can find Nutripreserve Feed. This is an organic acid mixture which can be sprayed on the dry feed. Organic acids kill the salmonella bacteria and make the feed salmonella-free.



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