A clean stable gives a good start

Multifoam Alkaline is a powerful, alkaline foam cleaner that has been specifically developed for cleaning very dirty surfaces. Due to its unique composition, the product is very effective in removing grease, protein or other organic soiling. That is why Multifoam Alkaline is the product to clean your stables, walls, floors and inventory.


A clean stable is important

Animal health is largely determined by hygiene, a fact that is often overlooked.  A hygienic environment is essential for successful operations. Bacteria, yeasts and moulds are potential threats to both animal health and business results. Both the water from the source and the water lines can be a hotbed for pathogenic organisms. Clean drinking water and good farm hygiene are therefore the first step towards a healthy environment.



Multifoam Alkaline is the solution

Multifoam Alkaline is the product of choice to clean your stables, walls, floors and inventory. The strength of Multifoam Alkaline is that the foam layer produced remains present for an extra long time, resulting in a much longer contact time (30 minutes). As a result, Multifoam Alkaline has a deep cleaning effect and removes quickly all surface contamination. An additional advantage of the longer contact time is that a cleaning program can be completed with fewer resources (water, energy and time), which also reduces the work pressure.

Tailored solutions for you as pig farmer

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Our solutions for clean stables

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