Less mortality in pigs

The main reasons for mortality are lameness, respiratory disorders, tail-biting and retarded growth. There is also a relationship between animal health and stocking density. Contact creates an increased infection pressure and a chance of spreading diseases. Naturally, you want to keep your mortality percentage as low as possible. Kanters helps you with this.

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Low mortality means more job satisfaction

How do you reduce the mortality rate on your pig farm? The relationship between mortality and health may be a direct consequence of an increased infection pressure due to intensive contact between the animals. Bacteria and viruses spread quickly through the barn. Increased stress, reduced resistance and a poor climate can also cause extra mortality. Because there is so much to do, there is not always time to give every pig the attention it deserves. How do you deal with this?

How to recognise it

Mortality often go unnoticed

Do you keep track of the mortality on your farm every week? Is it just one pig dropping out every now and then, or are there more each round? It is important to keep a good record of the mortality and the reason for it and to discuss this regularly with your vet. Also check your water system regularly. Dirt and bacteria can accumulate here and bacteria can easily spread through your farm via the water lines.

Cause & effect

Increased disease pressure leads to higher mortality rates

Contaminated water pipes can change the taste of the water. The animals drink less and ingest bacteria through the drinking water. If they also have an increased stomach pH due to stress, the natural barrier no longer functions properly. Bacteria penetrate into the intestines and cause inflammation there.

These bacteria in the bloodstream lead to weak animals, diarrhea, slow piglets and ultimately to piglet mortality. Because the bacteria spread through the manure, the other pigs in the house also become ill. This can quickly lead to high failure rates or rejection in the slaughterhouse.



Acidified, clean drinking water prevents mortality

Kanters has developed solutions for clean drinking water such as organic acid mixtures supplemented with minerals. Our buffered and unbuffered organic acid mixtures ensure a good level of acidity in the stomach and therefore good digestion. This increases the resistance of the pig so that they do not become ill. This is the solution for reducing antibiotics and decreasing mortality.


Tailor-made solutions for you as pig farmer

We will be happy to visit you and work with you to determine which organic acid mixture you can use for your pigs to reduce mortality. More information or make an appointment?
Product solutions for your challenges

The solution for reduced mortality

Kanters has developed products for each animal species and housing environment to improve the health of your animals. Click below for more information on the products and download our research reports for more background information on their use and effect.