Increase the fertility of your sows

As a pig farmer you invest a lot of time and resources in optimising your sows’ fertility. Besides raising the piglets, the sow must also prepare for the next gestation period. For this important period, we offer nutritional supplements with the necessary minerals, vitamins and amino acids.


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Every sow can use some extra

During the lactation period, it is important to keep the sow’s weight loss as low as possible. A better Body Condition Score results in a higher number of piglets being born in the next litter. Weight loss can be prevented by providing readily available nutrients through the drinking water. Besides weight loss, follicles are developed in the last week before weaning. Offering extra energy stimulates this development. beschikbare nutriënten via het drinkwater. Naast het gewichtsverlies worden in de laatste week voor het spenen de follikels ontwikkeld. Door het aanbieden van extra energie wordt deze ontwikkeling gestimuleerd.

How to recognise it

How to recognise fertility problems in the stable

When you walk around in the farrowing house, it’s easy to spot problems: sows that don’t want to stand up, eating less or piglets that are limp because they don’t get enough milk. All problems caused by a negative energy balance. Piglets require a lot of energy from a sow, and if the sow doesn’t get this through her feed, she ends up in a negative spiral.

Cause & effect

A sow consumes a lot of energy during the farrowing period

During the maternity period a sow uses more energy than she takes in. Large litters demand more from a sow; a good mother wants to provide all her piglets with milk. This causes her to lose kilos. A sick sow cannot produce good ova for the next gestation.

The bad ova that are formed in the period after weaning can never produce a good number of piglets in the gestation period. You should therefore ensure that sows are in good condition during the farrowing period and also during the gestation period. Only then can a sow produce healthy piglets.


Kanters products give the sow some extras for good fertility.

During critical periods pigs need some extras next to their feed. Kanters has developed a drinking water supplement with vitamins, energy, trace elements (like zinc) and extra minerals supplemented with organic acids. This complete mix ensures that sows receive extra energy via their drinking water so that they can take good care of their piglets during the farrowing and gestation periods. This is the solution for antibiotic reduction.

Varkens, kanters, vleesvarkens, water, drinkwater,

Tailor-made solutions for you as pig farmer

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The solution for higher fertility

Kanters has developed products for each animal species and housing environment to improve the health of your animals. Click below for more information on the products and download our research reports for more background information on their use and effect.