Less antibiotics for cows

Since 2009, there has been a change in the Netherlands with regard to the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. As a result of the change in legislation, in 2020 the use of antibiotics in veal calf farming dropped by 55% compared to 2009 and by 43% in dairy cattle farming. Kanters offers various alternatives to antibiotics.

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Preventive management of health is important

Resistance, hygiene and housing climate influence the health of animals. Cows have to perform continuously, so good health is essential. Sub-optimal conditions can lead to increased infection pressure, giving viruses and bacteria a chance and necessitating the use of antibiotics. Because of the risk of antibiotic resistance, it is important to prevent the use of antibiotics and to work preventively. How can you do this and what alternatives are there?

How to recognise it

Antibiotic use often goes unnoticed

Do you keep track of your antibiotic use on your farm every week? Is it just an occasional cow or calf that needs to be treated, or are there more of them every year? It is important to properly register the use and reason for use of antibiotics and to discuss this regularly with your veterinarian. Also check the water system regularly, dirt can accumulate here and bacteria can easily spread through the water lines.

Cause & effect

Increased disease pressure leads to increased use of antibiotics

Contaminated water lines can change the taste of the water, animals will drink less and get bacteria through the drinking water. In addition, high stocking densities, dirty and cramped cubicles combined with stress can lower resistance, giving bacteria the chance to make the cow sick.

The consequences of antibiotic use are, besides waiting time for the milk, also reduced production or growth and more labour. The costs vary widely per farm, but can easily amount to more than 100 euros per cow per year. It is important to intervene in time to prevent worse.


A preventive approach works!

By looking closely at why antibiotics are needed, the problem can be tackled at the source. We are specialised in water hygiene, mineral management, ration conservation, intestinal health, udder health, hoof health and energy balance of the cow. “Prevention is better than cure” is the starting point here. This is the solution for antibiotic reduction for every farm.

The right solution for every farmer

Our products have been extensively tested and have proven themselves in practice. If you want more information, please contact us.
Product solutions for your challenges

The solution for antibiotic reduction in cows

At Kanters you will find products to improve the health of your animals for every animal species and housing environment. Click below for more information on the products and download our research reports for more background information on their use and effect.