Respiratory support for pigs

During periods of heat, stress or during vaccination reactions, pigs need respiratory support. To support the animal in this, products with essential oils such as eucalyptus and menthol can be used for a good stimulus. These products make breathing easier by clearing the trachea of mucus.

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Respiratory problems can be a real burden for pigs

Shortness of breath is not pleasant, both humans and animals experience shortness of breath on hot days when humidity is high. Due to the high density in stables, animals do not always have the opportunity to seek out a cooler place. In addition, a cold can also cause a pig to have respiratory problems. This is annoying and causes pigs to eat less and therefore not grow.

How to recognise it

How do you know that a pig needs support?

When you walk around in the barn, you can easily tell if the animals are having breathing problems. The pigs seek out the coolness by lying with their noses on the slats. The pigs also drink more to cool their body temperature with cold water. In the case of heat stress, the pigs lie lifeless and stop eating, which is detrimental to growth.

Cause & effect

Shortness of breath in pigs leads to loss of growth

In the afternoon, the humidity in the barn can rise. In combination with the high temperatures in the afternoon, the tightness increases. It is important to ventilate more to get the heat out of the house, but this also increases the humidity. A tricky situation for every farmer.

The high humidity and high temperature cause the pigs to become short of breath. They then seek cooling by lying on the grids to cool down. The pigs also move less and pant to get rid of the heat. As a result, they eat less.


Aeroforte gives relief from respiratory problems

Essential oils are the solution to respiratory problems and ensure freer breathing.

Kanters has developed a drinking water supplement with essential oils for a good stimulant. Aeroforte can be administered via the drinking water so that the animals are quickly relieved of respiratory distress. Aeroforte can also be sprayed in the stable, the fine drops are inhaled deeply and provide respiratory relief.

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"Spraying Aeroforte over the pigs has benefited in reducing ear and tail biting. "
varkens, kanters, drinkwater, water
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