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Changing water pressure in drinking water pipes is a common phenomenon, but not everyone is aware of it. What exactly causes this and what are the possible consequences?

Varying water pressure

Variations in water pressure can usually be traced back to the pipe system or the occupation of the house. Think of pressure loss due to small diameters of the water pipes, too many animals on 1 supply pipe, or a drinking water installation that causes pressure fluctuations. In addition, the time of feeding can also lead to a peak intake. The frequently mentioned consequences of these pressure fluctuations are changing water intake, air ingress into your pipes, wet litter and blocked drinking nipples.

Pressure fluctuations have a major effect

What many companies do not realize sufficiently, is that these pressure fluctuations also have a negative effect on the functioning of the dosing equipment. This is because most dosing pumps are calibrated with a certain back pressure, for example 3 bar. If this pressure remains stable throughout the entire day, the dosing pump will function correctly. However, in practice we see that the working pressure of the doser is often not equal to the pressure in the water pipe in the house, or that the water pipe pressure in the house varies considerably.

Optimus dosing module

If the water pressure is not constant, this will initially go unnoticed. However, if we look at a longer period of time we can see that the amount of product you are dosing can vary by up to 25% from the planned dosage.

We have the ideal solution: our new Optimus® dosing module will dose the correct amount of product regardless of the water pressure in the drinking water system!

Furthermore, by using a highly accurate water meter, this module is reliable even with low water intake.

Do you want to know more about the Optimus dosing module? Visit our Technics page!

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