Intesti-Forte reduces weaning diarrhoea and mortality in piglets

New trial results show the benefits of administering Intesti-Forte in the drinking water of weaned piglets. Intesti-Forte contains zinc chelates, organic acids and amino acids that support to the immune system and promotes rapid recovery of intestinal health.

During weaning, piglets experience stress in the form of physiological, environmental, and social challenges. Weaning can lead to intestinal and immune system dysfunctions that result in reduced pig health, growth, and feed intake, particularly during the first week after weaning. On top of that, the dietic transition from antibody-filled milk to less well-digestible feed can result in an increase in pathogenic Escherichia coli and lead to post-weaning diarrhoea. This all can be disastrous for the young piglet.

Trial set-up

Kanters conducted two identical field trials in January 2021 and 2022. Both trials took place on a commercial pig farm and were performed during the first 14 days after weaning (4 weeks of age). In both trials, Intesti-Forte was dosed 1000 ml per 1000 litre of water for the first week and 500 ml for the second week. An acid was also added for the same period to improve the taste of the water.

Results 2021 study

Number of pigs at the farm16461794
Start weight (kg)7.77.3
End weight (kg)25.3 22.5
Growth days3838.3
Growth per pig per day (g)462395

Results 2022 study

Test groupControl group
Numbers of pigs16461794
End weight (kg)23.722.6
Growth per pig per day (g)338335
Mortality (%)2.63.1


These results show that adding Intesti-Forte to the drinking water has a positive effect on both growth and mortality rate in the first two weeks after weaning.

Using Intesti-Forte helps the animals starting their after-weaning period in a good way, resulting in a higher growth and a lower mortality rate. A higher weight at the end of the weaning periods will set pigs up for a better start of the fattening period. Together with the lower mortality, this will benefit the yield of the pig farmer.

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