Intesti-Flora: good start and less dropout during the round

New field results show that the use of Intesti-Flora ensures a good start and less mortality during the round. The carefully composed recipe of Intesti-Flora contains copper chelate, organic acids including lactic acid and prebiotics that together support intestinal health. Copper plays an important role in various body processes, making it an essential trace element. Several studies indicate that the addition of copper to the diet leads to better health and growth of poultry. Moreover, copper has interesting antimicrobial properties. The advantage of using copper chelates over other copper sources is that the binding with chelates ensures better absorption, especially in the gut.

Field trial in the Netherlands

The unique combination of organic acids is also known for its antibacterial properties because it lowers the pH, which leads to growth inhibition of potential pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, they support the digestion of proteins by lowering the pH in the stomach. In addition, lactic acid has a growth-promoting effect on positive bacteria such as Lactobacillus. Intesti-Flora also contains inulin, a prebiotic, to further promote the growth of positive bacteria.

In a field trial on a broiler farm in the Netherlands, we tested Intesti-Flora in 2 houses in the summer of 2019 and compared the results with 2 houses without Intesti-Flora.

Material en method

intesti-flora, kanters, resultaten


intesti-flora, kanters, resultaten

Conclusion and discussion

Concluding from the results in the table above we can say that in the first 14 days of product administration the broilers in house 2 and 4 are heavier. We can say that the administration of Intesti-Flora gives the birds a good start. Looking at the drop-out on day 15, there is a significant difference in house 2 compared to house 1. The difference in drop-out in houses 3 and 4 is not significant, the numbers show that house 4 has less drop-out than house 3. The dosage of Intesti-Flora in the first 14 days of the chick’s life helps the chick to develop its intestines better and to have a better feed conversion.

After 42 days the birds were loaded for transport. The average weight in house 4 was significantly heavier than in house 3. After 15 days, the chickens in house 4 were heavier than those in house 3. The difference was almost significant (P = 0.06). The difference at the end of the life cycle was significant (P = 0.02). We can conclude that the chicks had a good start in house 4 and that this is positive for the rest of the life cycle. Intesti-Flora contains copper that helps the intestines to develop properly and fights the bacteria that can be a threat to the chicks.

Looking at the mortality over the whole period we see that the houses with Intesti-Flora had less mortality than the houses without Intesti-Flora. In house 1 versus house 2 we see a mortality difference of 0.4% and in house 3 versus house 4 we see a mortality difference of 0.3%.


For this trial we can say that Intesti-Flora helps the animals to have a good start in life, to reach a heavier weight at slaughter age and less mortality during the round.

Would you like more information about Intesti-Flora or about this trial? Please contact us by calling 0499-425 600. You can also reach us by sending an e-mail to

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