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When it comes to control of salmonella in pork production systems, there is no silver bullet. Eachfarm presents its own unique problems. Instead of one magic tool, farm-specific biosecurity andsanitation procedures need to be developed and implemented for every farm. This is an ongoingprocess. Unlike common hog diseases such as pseudorabies, salmonella control has no end in sight.

On-farm salmonella control is likely to become a major part of permanent pork quality assurance programs throughout the industry. The ultimate goal of such programs in the pork chain is not the elimination of salmonella organisms. The goal is to prevent them from being introduced into herds supplying the food chain.

For an effective plan, Kanters is happy to offer you guidance and support.


Salmonella is highly contagious and spreads very easily via manure, feed, drinking water etc.The bacteria enter the pig through the mouth after which it passes through the stomach intothe small intestine, nests and reproduces. Through the small intestine the bacteria enters thebloodstream. View the salmonella infection cycle in Figure 1. The bacteria leaves the pig via the manure, after which the cycle starts again. It can also spread through pests such as rats, mice and flies.

Are the OD values in your pigs too high? With our thorough approach, we work with you to lower the salmonella infection pressure on your farm!
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plan of action

Kanters has set up a protocol that enables us to lower the OD values in your pigs. OD value represents the amount of antibodies against Salmonella in the blood serum. The more animals have a high OD value, the higher the infection pressure within the farm. A multidisciplinary approach is important for successful Salmonella control. Veterinary involvement plays an important role in this. If the OD value in your pigs is too high and you need to lower your Samonella infection pressure, we will consult with you to apply our Salmonella protocol.First, the company is mapped out together with the vet. The initial situation is determined, after which the protocol is applied.

A lower Salmonella status in 5 steps.

The action plan consists of five steps in which biosecurity and the use of organic acids are central.


Remove any food residues, dust, dirt and manure from the pen. To prevent carry-over, it is necessary to provide clean and disinfected footwear and clean work clothes in the various stables and departments.


The drinking lines are thoroughly cleaned with Aqua-clean®. Aqua-clean® has a long and powerful action that removes the biofilm in the drinking water line.


The third step consists properly cleaning the stable. With Kanters MultiFoam Alkaline you can soak the barn to remove coarse dirt and grease.


After soaking, the barn should be disinfected with a powerfull disinfectant. This will kill all the bacteria, yeasts and mold. Organic acids are added to the drinking water during the fifth and final step. This ensures a decrease in the pH value which helps to reduce the growth of bacteria.


The 5 step Kanters Salmonella Protocol. The action plan consists of 5 steps in which biosecurity and the use of organic acids are central.

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