Higher laying percentages in your hens

Pro-Mac is the nutritional energy boost that helps mothers during stressful and difficult periods. Support the mother birds with Pro-Mac during the weeks before the peak in egg production. In addition to offering good quality feed, you can easily add extra nutrients to the drinking water. Research shows that the laying percentage and the hatching percentage are considerably higher!

Feed intake important

It remains a challenge to feed the highly productive hens in the right way and to compensate for all situations in which a shortage of nutrients may occur. Especially in the period when they start laying eggs. When hens do not reach the desired feed intake level, or the nutritional needs are higher than what can be met in the diet, they will react, either by drawing on body reserves or by lowering egg production, egg weight and/or eggshell quality. Apart from offering a good quality feed, it is wise to temporarily provide extra nutrients. Especially in periods when a sufficient intake of amino acids, vitamins and minerals is difficult to achieve.

Nutrition via the drinking water

Providing extra nutrients in difficult periods can easily be done by adding these nutrients to the hens’ drinking water. During stressful or difficult periods in the production cycle, feed intake usually decreases. However, the hens continue to drink. By adding nutrients to the drinking water, the poultry farmer can react immediately to the decrease in feed intake, technical parameters or other visual signals from the house. The result is that the extra nutrients are given to the chickens at the right moment; namely, when the need is greatest.

kanters, leghennen, eieren, uitkomstpercentage, nutriforte vivace

Start of egg production

In the weeks preceding the peak in egg production, the hens must receive sufficient energy and building materials for maintenance, a final growth in body weight and finally for the start of egg production! By monitoring the body weight and egg weight, problems can be spotted at an early stage and specific action can be taken by giving extra nutrients through the drinking water. By guiding the young hens well in the start-up, the chance that the laying percentage will drop significantly after the peak in egg production is reduced. Guiding the animals from arrival in the laying barn up to and including the peak in egg production can be done very easily with Pro-Mac.

Higher laying percentage and more than 10% higher hatchability with Pro-Mac!

Trial data
Animal group: Breeders, Cobb 500
Period: May 2011 – January 2012. Start egg production on age of 25 weeks – end of experimental period on 64 weeks
Product: Pro-Mac
Dosage: Week 25 through 64, weekly program of two days Pro-Mac
Parameters: Laying percentage, hatching percentage, recovery after dip in egg production.


Figure 1 shows the laying percentage. Here it can be seen that with the provision of Pro-Mac (house 2), the laying percentage is higher compared to the control group (house 1) and the breed standard.

kanters, leghennen, eieren, uitkomstpercentage, nutriforte vivace
Hatching rate week 25 to 59 of Cobb 500 breeders.

Around week 47 a dip can be seen in the egg production. In this week new males were added to the flock and a feed switch took place. In response to the decline in the laying percentage, Pro-Mac was provided for six consecutive days in week 49. This caused the laying percentage to recover in the same week. From week 50, the weekly program of two days of Pro-Mac per week was followed again.

In the overview of the hatching rate (see Figure 2), the use of Pro-Mac (house 2) compared to the standard for Cobb 500 can be seen. Here too, the results indicate that using Pro-Mac has a positive influence on the dams. The improvement in hatching rate can be more than 10% compared to the breed standard.
Hatching rate week 25 to 59 of Cobb 500 breeders.

kanters, leghennen, eieren, uitkomstpercentage, nutriforte vivace
Figuur 2. Uitkomstpercentage week 25 t/m 59 van Cobb 500 moederdieren.


Kanters liquid feed supplements are developed to guarantee an accurate supply of nutrients, also during difficult periods. Pro-Mac supports mothers in the first weeks of egg production and during peak egg production. This leads to a higher laying percentage and a better egg hatch. In case of a dip in the laying percentage, Pro-Mac ensures that the laying percentage recovers.

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