Good feed intake during the transition period is essential

The transition period is and remains a HOT topic within dairy farming, because we know that an optimal energy supply is essential for a good lactation. Partly for this reason, a multitude of products have been introduced to the market over the years.

But when does a product really add something and does it meet the farmer’s expectations? These are 2 important questions that we have asked ourselves when it comes to the transition period.

Stimulate a higher feed intake

Where many products are used to correct energy, our philosophy is based on increasing the dry matter intake in the transition period. Because ultimately, a cow will not produce better by a few hundred VEM per day, but by a higher feed intake. As a result, the energy supply from roughage will be better balanced, so that they produce more easily, achieve higher contents and become more fertile.

Nutriforte Start

With this in mind, Kanters has developed Nutriforte Start. This sugar-rich product adds slurry to the ration and is very tasty. As a result, dry matter intake is stimulated and there is less selection at the feed fence, both of which have a positive effect on rumen activity. In addition, the choice of slow sugars ensures that the energy provided is released sparingly, resulting in a much flatter blood sugar level in the animals compared to an MPG or Glycerine product. As a result, the animals are not inhibited in their feed intake.

In addition to the addition of sugars, Nutriforte Start also contains a high-quality vitamin and mineral mixture. This mixture stimulates the rumen function (Cobalt), supports the metabolism (Iodine and Biotin) and helps the liver to remove waste products (Niacin). In addition, extra Selenium and Biotin are added to support fertility and claw health.

Application and dosage Nutriforte Start

200g per cow per day from 2 weeks before to 8 weeks after calving.

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