Less mortality with my chickens

The average mortality rate for broiler farms in the Netherlands has been around 3.5% for years. The main reasons for mortality are the quality of the day-old chicks and a number of frequently occurring diseases. There is also a relationship between health and stocking density; intensive contact creates an increased infection pressure.



Good digestion is important for healthy chickens

How to reduce mortality on your poultry farm? The relationship between mortality and health can be a direct consequence of increased infection pressure. Bacteria and viruses spread quickly through the farm. Increased stress, reduced resistance and a poor climate can also cause extra mortality. In addition, the mortality in the first week depends on the quality of the day-old chicks.


How to recognise it

Mortality often goes unnoticed

Do you keep track of the mortality on your farm every week? Is it just an occasional chicken that drops out or are there more every round? It is important to register the mortality and the reason for mortality properly and discuss this regularly with your veterinarian. Also check your drinking lines regularly, dirt can accumulate here and bacteria can easily spread through your farm via the water pipes.


Cause & effect

Increased disease pressure leads to higher failure rates

Contaminated water pipes can change the taste of the water, animals drink less and ingest bacteria through the drinking water. If they also have an increased stomach pH due to stress, the natural barrier no longer functions properly. Bacteria penetrate into the intestines and cause inflammation.



Acidified, clean drinking water prevents mortality

Kanters has developed solutions for clean drinking water and organic acid mixtures supplemented with minerals. Our buffered and unbuffered organic acid mixes ensure a good level of acidity in the stomach and therefore good digestion. This increases the chicken’s resistance so they do not get sick. This is the solution for antibiotic reduction.


"I started using Nutriforte Vivace together with some other acids. I found that with Nutriforte Vivace the mortality rate declined the fastest."
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Tailored solutions for you as a poultry farmer

We are happy to come and visit you to determine which solution suits you best. Kanters has conducted research into poultry mortality, want to know more?
Product solutions for your challenges

The solution for reduced mortality in poultry

Whether it is about water hygiene, organic acids, feed supplements, chickpaper or feed preservation, we are happy to be of service. You can order our products easily by filling in the order form or by contacting us directly. We are also happy to help if you have any questions, need advice or more information.