A high and reliable laying percentage

It remains a challenge to feed highly productive hens in the right way. Certainly in the starting period. It is wise to provide extra nutrients. Especially in periods when a sufficient uptake of amino acids, vitamins and minerals is difficult to achieve.

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Good digestion is important for a high laying percentage

In the weeks preceding the peak in egg production, the hens must be provided with sufficient energy and nutrients for maintenance, growth in body weight and finally for the start of egg production. By guiding the young hens well in the start-up, the chance of getting a laying percentage above 90% is increased. Kanters has products that support the hens in this process.


How to recognise it

Preventing a laying dip

Do you keep track of the laying percentage on your farm? Keeping daily records will help you to know how your birds are performing. A laying dip often follows the laying peak, the so-called post peak dip. The hens have given too much and fall into a negative energy spiral. This is often reflected in a low feed intake, fewer eggs and even mortality. It is important that the birds get all the nutrients out of the feed. It also helps if they get extra energy from the drinking water.

Cause & effect

Low energy intake leads to a laying dip

Hens that end up in a negative energy spiral are often lethargic. They move less and you an increase of the mortality rate. Because the animals eat too little, they get too little energy which makes them listless and they will eat even less. This negative spiral must be broken.


The result of this dip in feed intake is a lower laying percentage, poor eggshell quality and a high mortality rate among hens. This costs money immediately. For parent stock, it can also be that the fertilisation rate and hatching rate will drop. Bad and unfertilised eggs cost money.


The right support at the right time increases the laying percentage

Clean drinking water ensures a good water intake which is important for every animal. Kanters has developed an organic acid, supplemented with amino acids, minerals and vitamins to prevent laying dips. Organic acids ensure a good digestion and the extra minerals, vitamins and amino acids ensure a healthy hen that consistently lays good quality eggs.

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"One week before the peak production of the layers, Pro Mac starts to be use for 7/8 days. It gives the energy and the best nutrition which are necessary for a good production of eggs and for maintaining a productive peak."
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Tailored solutions for you as a poultry farmer

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The solution for increasing the laying percentage in poultry

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