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If you use organic acids, you can prevent premature fermentation of nutrients and the feed will retain its nutritional values. It also keeps the taste of the ration the same, keeps the ration fresh and slows down the development of micro-organisms in the feed. This is how you ensure healthy, nutritious pig feed.

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Preventing fermentation in liquid feed

Due to high temperatures in the barn and when preparing liquid feed, yeasts and moulds have the opportunity to multiply. This causes the taste of the feed to change, making the pigs want to eat less. In addition, fermentation of the feed causes a loss of nutrients. This is a bigger problem for the pigs. They do not get enough nutrients to grow.

How to recognise it

Digestion of liquid feed is easy to recognise

Fermentation of liquid feed can be recognised by foam and bubbles in the liquid feed during feeding. If you look into the pigs’ feed troughs, you will see bubbles in the feed. This is oxygen released during fermentation. If the pigs eat a lot of this feed, they get stomach ache and will eat less the next time they are fed. The feed they eat also has a lower nutritional value.

Cause & effect

Fermentation occurs in every barn

Fermentation of liquid feed can be caused by the fact that the by-products already have too much fermentation. It is therefore wise to have all by-products tested regularly for mould and yeast. When the various by-products are mixed in a warm environment, yeasts and moulds have an even greater chance of multiplying.


The long-term consequences are considerable. The yeasts and moulds accumulate in the liquid feed system and will therefore multiply every time the feed is administered. The animals get tasteless feed that also contains fewer nutrients. The animals eat less, grow less and are lethargic. A great loss for you as a farmer and something you would like to prevent or solve!


Acidifying liquid feed is the solution

Acidification of liquid feed stops yeasts and moulds. Organic acids inhibit yeasts and moulds and ensure that the feed retains its nutritional value.

At Kanters you will find Nutripreserve AMY. This is an organic acid mixture that can easily be fed to pigs via the liquid feed. It makes the feed more palatable and the animals will enjoy eating their feed with a high nutritional value.


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