Good fertility through healthy cows

Good fertility is one of the conditions for a profitable dairy farm. The fertility of a cow is influenced by many factors. Most of these can be traced back to resistance. The basis for good fertility is therefore diet and management.

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High milk production versus good fertility

Fertility is the basis for a cow’s productivity and lifetime. Good fertility is therefore essential for a dairy farm’s economic results and sustainable dairy farming. It is also an important factor influencing the health, welfare and robustness of the cow. Cows today have a high milk production, but fertility is reduced. We have a solution for this.

How to recognise it

How to recognise fertility problems

A good indication of the expected fertility of a cow is the condition at calving and 60 days into lactation. In high yielding cows, milk production increases faster than dry matter intake after calving. Therefore, most high yielding cows have a negative energy balance during the first two months of lactation. With the help of the condition score (BCS) you get insight into the course of the energy balance during lactation.

Cause & effect

Feeding in the beginning of lactation is essential

The animals give off more energy through the milk than they can take in through feed, which leads to a negative energy balance. This slows down ovarian activity and causes high yielding cows to be less likely to conceive. This energy deficiency reduces the egg cell quality and hormone production and leads to shorter heat intervals.

Fertility problems are the main reason for culling. In addition, reduced fertility results in a longer calving interval – first insemination, a lower calving interval after first insemination, less clear expression of heat, lower fertilisation percentages and a longer intermediate calving interval than desired. Every day that the calving interval is longer costs an average of 3 euro per cow per day.


Excellent fertility, resistance and longevity with Nutriforte

The basis of good fertility is, among other things, good mineral management. Supplying minerals via the water is a very effective method of supporting fertility. This is because the mineral intake is not dependent on the dry matter intake.

Nutriforte Top Lac is a liquid mineral mix with readily available minerals and trace elements that supports fertility, resistance and longevity of your dairy cows.

vruchtbaarheid koeien kanters

Research shows that more than 50% of liquid minerals by-pass the rumen.

As a result, they are available quickly and effectively. This results in a better yield. Please contact us for more information.
Product solutions for your challenges

The solution for higher cow fertility

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